Professional  Calligrapher & Painter.

(World Champion 2014 as Non Native)

Mr. Saleem, (Asian)  a son of a former diplomat. A 3rd generation heir of the Lingnan school of painting studied Chinese painting under Prof. Zhao Shao Ang (Auction House Christie's & Southeby's) in his younger years, dedicated himself for over 30 years to this sophisticated ancient art form. He developed an early interest in Japanese culture and started off with Martial Arts followed by calligraphy (Shodou, he's an accomplished calligrapher) and finally dedicated himself to the art of Painting. Mr. Saleem has exposed Internationally and renowned for his sublime brush control the perfect lines represent the most important traditional characteristics of Japanese & Chinese calligraphy and painting: they are simple yet full of strength, evocative and beautiful. His drawing process is magical because of the mysterious dancing lines under his Japanese brush stroke. able to create compositions in almost every style, his art is much sought after among connoisseurs of Chinese & Japanese art.
An internationally renowned and successful artist.

(one of the very rare non-Chinese/Japanese artists with such skills)
His paintings are rewarded by art experts as the best ever seen by non Chinese artist. The excellence of the technical skills are unsurpassed together with the amazing compositions & understanding of colors, vividness, sophistication which carry sensitivity.

His creations might look simple at first sight for the untrained eye, however when studied closely one will discover depth, refinement and the essence & spirit of the subject combined with vivid strokes which are full of 'Chi' the life force.



* The Japanese Embassy in The Hague among many others collected  his art pieces around the world.

* 2012 Selected Excellent Calligraphy by Seikatsu newspaper (Jp.)


* 2012 ICCPS (International Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society Jp.) Appointed Director for The Netherlands & Belgium.


* 2013 Published his first book 'Lingnan Paintings Volume 1' which sold more than 700 copies. (available at


* 2014 Awarded 1st prize in Best Non Chinese/Japanese painter outside these countries.

Exhibitions :


2019: Expositie Benoordenhout.


2015: Beijing International Art expo.

2014: Hong Kong Arts centre,

           Kwai Fung Gallery,

           Gallery Fine Art Singapore.


2013: Osaka Fine Arts Museum, Tanakawa public               center 2nd Gallery, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo


2012: Parc Oriental de Maulevrier, Route de                      Mauleon,

          Kosterij Duinzichtkerk.


2011: Cologne Fine Art,

           Japans Cultureel centrum Zoutleeuw


2010: Art House Galley Malaysia,

           Penang Museum,

           Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag. 


2009: Japan Association Portugal,

          Gallerie Bcom.


2008: Della Butcher Gallery Singapore.

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